Benefits Of A Service Apartment Over A Hotel Room

A service apartment is known to be a completely furnished apartment available for long-term and short-term stays. There are not many differences between a hotel and a service apartment singapore, knowing such differences will help in determining which is the perfect option to go with for an upcoming trip. This article will talk about the differences between a hotel and a service apartment.

  • Living space

A room at a hotel can prove to be quite small. A person might enjoy the availability of a large suit, but they come at a premium price. On the other hand, a service apartment is generally a normal-sized studio offering more or about 30-50% more space when compared to a typical room at any hotel. This helps provide a person with more room to live, relax, work, and spread out.

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  • Kitchen

It is not very common for a room at a hotel to have a kitchen in it. Even when it does in special cases, it tends to be small without the presence of any cooking equipment and other essentials. A service apartment, on the other hand, includes a well-equipped, full-sized kitchen that enables a person to prepare meals and store beverages and food in a refrigerator. In such a way, a person can save money and eat healthy while dining out.


A traveler tends to come across many exciting choices while taking a trip, one of them being the booked accommodations. If you travel for business or leisure, choosing to stay in a service apartment singaporeinstead of a hotel can prove to be very advantageous. We hope this article helped you make an informed choice between the two!